I am educated as an industrial designer with an emphasis on how we interact with our products and devices. After graduation I worked as an interaction designer for a while. Therefore I am able to bridge interaction design, industrial design and engineering/development. Currently I am helping companies to design interactive products as well as initiating my own projects as a freelancer. Besides this I am a member of Chroma Interactive; a collective of 5 designers where we strive to develop highly interactive installations that put a smile on your face.

Products are becoming more and more complex and connected. The design of new products is not anymore about either industrial design or interaction design. Industrial design is no longer limited to the enclosure of a device as the product can be an interface as well. Interaction design is no longer limited to a screen, for instance smartphone input goes beyond the (multi)touch display as they are sensor-loaded and very aware of their (physical) context.

In this complex world the focus shifts to the design of experiences. Therefore it is crucial to be able to prototype experiences. Due to extensive prototyping skills I am able to quickly come up with an experience early on in the design process. The insights an experience prototype gives are very valuable and the process can build upon those experiences.

Jasper Dekker

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