FreeMan : Arcade cabinet for Pacman 5.0

The FreeMan Arcade cabinet was designed and built for Koert van Mensvoort and was exhibited at the STRP! Arts & Technology 2009 festival in Eindhoven. This project was an effort of Guus Baggermans, Jan van der Asdonk, David Menting and myself.

The FreeMan game is a comment on our consumerist society. We want more, more and more! In this variation of the classic game Pacman the player will find itself in consumerist heaven. There are no borders and the number of pills to eat are infinite, they grow back! The ghosts will not leave their perimeters...perfect! The only thing you can do in this world is to commit suicide...

The FreeMan Arcade cabinet started with 2 old and broken arcade cabinets. We stripped them down to their wooden skeletons and completely overhauled the cabinets with a clean, white polystyrene cover, custom designed vinyl graphics based on the original Pacman graphics, a new CRT-monitor, sound system, hand-made control panels with vinyl covers and a computer inside running Linux.

Feedback from our client Koert van Mensvoort: “Throughout the project, I have become increasingly impressed by the level of expertise within the team, as they continuously managed to arrive at smart, cheap, yet durable and effective solutions for every issue they encountered…Overall, they delivered more than expected. Points of critique? None. In this project David, Guus, Jan and Jasper have shown expertise in integrating of technology, form and senses, and most of all teamwork. If asked, I would definitely recommend hiring these guys.

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