Portable Photo Printer : Re-design for a portable photo printer

With this design I tried to find a way of interacting with photos in a natural way, as if they were real, analog photos. However, my goal was to avoid the use of a touch display or an augmented reality system to keep the tangible elements of actual photographs.

The printer exploits its controls’ shape and the actions they entice to achieve an intuitive and explorative way of interacting with your digital photographs. People tend to forget the importance of play and exploration in interaction and focus on efficiency instead. The play and exploration are brought back with this design as the controls are designed to enhance intuitiveness. They allow the user to handle photos like real, tangible photographs by coupling function and action.

As with real, tangible photographs every option is accessible. No double functions. To achieve this, one has to exploit the user’s hands. They are capable of much more then pressing buttons.

I published a paper about the design of this photo printer and presented that at the 2nd Scandinavian Student Interaction Design Research conference in Gothenburg, Sweden in February 2006

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