With a team of only 3 designers and 2 developers we created an online serious game for the department of Electrical Engineering, University of Technology Eindhoven. The goal was to pack the world of electronics in a visually rich metaphor without the disturbance of numbers and formulas to attract high school pupils of 15 years old and up.

E & Eve's Electrical Endeavors takes the player on a journey inside an electrical machine. The goal is to get out of the machine the player finds itself captured in. Gradually, the player learns about current, voltage and resistance. 24 Levels allow the player to explore the magical world of electronics and puzzle its way through switches, resistors, diodes and transistors.


Early paper prototype

Initial level design

Serious gaming : E & Eve’s Electrical Endeavors

Graphic design mockup of an electronic resistor

PLAY NOW!http://www.eeee.tue.nl

Various screenshots of the final game

Short clip showing in-game action

One of the main responsibilities was the initial game design, the challenge of creating a metaphor for something highly intangible; electricity. Further more I worked on the overall interaction design, making concepts for various electrical components, graphic design, level design and making storyboards and spec sheets for communication with the developers.

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